Our integrated multi-disciplinary team of healthcare professionals meets the highest international standards to provide optimum treatment and management of our patients’ mental health.

We use different therapeutic approaches to accommodate every patient’s diagnosis and needs. Compliant with global standards, our in-hospital treatment program thrives to provide the best treatment to our patients and their individual needs for therapy.

We specialise in catering to people in psychological crisis. Extraordinary life stressors, traumatic events, an underlying psychiatric vulnerability, a chronic illness, or a combination of these, may bring on a crisis.

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EsteemCare believes that healing will occur through an integrated multi-disciplinary team of professionals and the highest international standards. The Hospital has different treatment plans for the different diagnosis of all our clients


The Hospital not only works on healing the disorder itself but also plays a key role in the rehabilitation of each, and every, patient admitted, to ensure easier reintegration with society after being discharged.

Untreated psychiatric conditions can result in quickly escalating, uncontrolled costs. That’s why we also play a key role in controlling mental health costs for all medical aid funds, the Public Service Employees Medical Aid Scheme and the Government of Namibia.

Unfortunately, mental health disorders still have a stigma in society. We are dedicated to educating our patients and the public that whether it’s a mental or physical disorder– neither is a choice.