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Admission Guidelines for Patients

Admissions are only done on Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday mornings after receiving your pre-authorisation from the medical aid. EsteemCare does not admit any emergencies, after hours or walk-ins. All patients need to go through a screening process conducted by our professionals. Should you wish to make an appointment for a screening, please contact Caleigh at 083 330 0945 or send us an email on

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Payments and medical aids

EsteemCare claims from all medical aids registered in Namibia. All foreign medical aids need to be claimed by the patient after settling their account with EsteemCare.

Private patients and patients with a foreign medical aid are required to make a 75% payment upon admission and the remaining outstanding balance must be settled upon discharge.

Namibian Medical Aids need to approve the admission prior to being admitted. The process of receiving a pre-authorisation from the medical aid will be handled by our Admissions Clerk. This process can take up to 72 hours depending on the medical aid.

Should your medical aid not settle the full account, it is the patient's responsibility to settle this account with EsteemCare. We do monitor benefits as closely as possible.

EsteemCare has an additional once-off admin fee of N$400 that is not claimable from the medical aids and that needs to be paid on the day of admission.

As per PSEMAS guidelines all patients on PSEMAS must pay the 5% co-payment as per the medical aid fund rules

Private Patients can request a quote via email on or